modul l298n motor driver dual h-bridge

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Modul L298N Motor Driver Dual H-Bridge

This module integrates a built-in 5V power supply. When you drive voltage of 7V-35V can onboard 5V logic supply, do not input voltage when using onboard 5V power supply, the +5 V power supply interface, but leads to 5V voltage for external use
When ENA so IN1 IN2 control OUT1 OUT2
When ENB so IN3 IN4 control OUT3 OUT4
Application examples
1: drive stepper motor
Drive ordinary 4-wire 2-phase motor connection, as shown
Enable ENA ENB
From IN1 - IN4 enter the following drive timing, you can control the speed and direction of the stepper motor
2: drive DC motor
This module is a 2-channel H-bridge driver can drive two motors at the same time, the connection shown in Figure shown
So can ENA ENB
Respectively, from the speed and direction of the input to the PWM signal driving the motor 1 on IN1 IN2
The PWM signal of the speed and direction of the drive motor 2 can be respectively from IN3 IN4 input
Signal as shown