arduino due 2012 r3 arm 32 no usb cable

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Arduino DUE 2012 R3 ARM 32 No USB Cable

Arduino Due parameters:
Processor AT91SAM3X8EA 
Operating voltage 3.3V 
Input voltage 7-12V 
Input Voltage (limits) 6-20V 
Digital I / O port 54 (12 PWM outputs) 
12 analog input pins 
analog output pin 2 (DAC) 
row home I / O port DC output current 130mA 
3.3V power pins to provide 800 mA current 
5V power supply pin with 800 mA current 
internal flash memory 512KB 
SRAM96 KB (TWO Banks : 64KB and 32KB) 
84 MHz clock frequency 
Arduino Arduino Due is a special product, currently known Due Compatible Shield is not much, mainly because libraries differ, Due 2560 with the Arduino MEGA pin definition of exactly the same, but the I / O port supply parameters vary, Arduino Due official website warning: http://arduinocc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardDue